A male and female playing pickleball female in orange shirt in the middle of serving the ball as the sun beams down on them both at the pickleball court.

A Day In The Life as an Alexan Cypress Creek Resident

At Alexan Cypress Creek, every day can feel like a vacation with our resort-inspired amenities and unmatched convenience. No need to endlessly search the internet for weekend plans—just set your phone aside and indulge in the relaxation and entertainment that Alexan Cypress Creek has to offer.

In this blog, we’ll take you through a day in the life of an Alexan Cypress Creek resident, from morning routines to evening relaxation. Join us as we explore Cypress Texas’s newest apartment and luxurious amenities that make every day an unforgettable experience.

Mornings at Alexan Cypress Creek: Rise & Grind at our Athletic Club

Kickstart your day the best way with a workout at our cutting-edge athletic club. The best part about a new apartment is a new gym where you can set new goals. Elevate your fitness experience with our top-tier strength and cardio exercise equipment, guided TVs, and outdoor fitness area. Whether you’re a treadmill enthusiast, a Pilates aficionado, or someone who wants to get an outdoor workout in and perhaps snap a photo or two, our amenities are tailored to  you! For those seeking a mindful workout, our flex/yoga studio is equipped with spinning bikes, yoga mats, and a large TV offering an array of guided virtual classes. Your wellness journey starts here, where every fitness level and preference is catered to. Let your endorphins flow and blood pump at Alexan Cypress Creek today!

Late Mornings: Playtime at our Dog Parks

It’s time for some paws to play and tails to wag! Treat your furry friend to playtime and socialization at our community dog park – a delightful opportunity to strengthen your bond with your pet and connect with other four-legged companions at Alexan Cypress Creek. If your pup gets a bit carried away and needs a bath, worry not – our convenient indoor dog wash has you covered. Recognizing that dogs come in all sizes, we offer not just one, but two dedicated dog parks—one tailored for larger breeds and another designed for smaller ones. The easy access to our dual dog parks, along with the added benefit of an on-site dog wash, ensures that caring for your four-legged friend is convenient for you.

Afternoon Bliss at Alexan Cypress Creek: Resort Style Pool & Grilling  

Enjoy a leisurely swim in our resort inspired pool, bask in the sun on a tanning ledge or simply relax in a cabana with a good book. For some poolside reading inspiration, check out 2024’s best summer reads!


Better yet, challenge your new neighbors to a grill-off at our community grilling stations to prepare a delicious lunch!

Late Afternoon: Pickleball fun & Indoor games for everyone 

Gather neighbors and friends for a friendly pickleball tournament at our community pickleball court. There’s no better way to engage in some friendly competition and enjoy the great outdoors. Don’t let the rain kill your fun, keep the competition going inside the clubroom with our mini kitchen, TVs, and gaming.

Evening: Cozy campfire under the stars at Alexan Cypress Creek

As the sun sets, venture to the community’s inviting fire pit and expansive lawn area for an array of leisurely activities – from engaging rounds of cornhole and spirited ping pong matches to simply unwinding in a cozy hammock. Let the evening unfold with limitless possibilities as our versatile setting ensures your evening is not just memorable but uniquely tailored to your desires, creating an ambiance that perfectly blends relaxation and camaraderie. Did someone mention s’mores? Top off your perfect day at Alexan Cypress Creek with the best treat – delicious s’mores!